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We Predict…Flower Trends for 2018

We love watching the changing tastes and trends when it comes to what our clients want – it keeps everything fresh and exciting year on year. We often find ourselves chatting about the direction of those changes, and thought we’d put our necks on the line and offer our predictions for the top three flower trends for this coming year!…


A sophisticated take on last year’s organic trend. Moving even further towards the undone, with a certain darkness to the design; knotted vines and oversized flowers ‘taking over’ in a return to nature.
Far away from any kind of kitsch and incorporating industrial props such as marbled concrete vases, warehouse piping as candlesticks and ferrous metal tea light holders.






Neons were in three years ago, and now they’re back, but this time with more texture and softness. Not flat, angular perspex sheets but bevelled glass, shards of neon, and the mixed, whimsical brights of Northern Lights from translucent, rainbow glass. Paired with clean green foliage, and single, structural stems.







There’s always room for romance, but let’s twist it up. This look brings to mind dusted bon bons and sweet shops with large, sherbet scented blousy garden roses and the softest pink and green hydrangeas paired with opaque glass and sea-washed pink, lilac, and green vases, candy coloured candles and night lights.
No greenery, but plenty of texture, lightness of touch and play with recession and shape to provide that flip on the norm and keep it interesting.