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Hazy, Scented Summer Wedding at The Langham

The brief was a dream; fragrance! Anything with a beautiful scent, such as jasmine, soft berried eucalyptus, geranium leaves and herbs – placed amongst ferns and soaring natural branches. The colour palette played perfectly to the season too. Beautiful hazy late summer colours of cream, pale pinks & salmon peachy tones, alongside stronger accents of burnt orange and burgundy. Flowers were also chosen for texture, ensuring a natural and airy quality to the designs. Garden flowers such as achillea, scabious, and dahlias jostled with prairie style grasses, sanguisorba, and seed heads, right from the growing aisle to the Chuppah and the candlelit tables.

The pictures by photographer Mike Garrard speak of love, family and happiness – we hope you enjoy them. Production: Event Concept
Catering: Jason Milan
Venue: The Langham