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Corporate spaces

Corporate spaces

A large part of what we do is work with clients to transform their corporate spaces. Hotels, banks, restaurants and galleries.

Prosaically referred to as ‘contract flowers’, this weekly, or twice weekly transformation, is in my opinion, one of the most magical things we do.

Often corporate or hotel surroundings can be quite neutral, or something inherited when moving into a building. Flowers can make a statement about the brand and its personality, or transform interiors into something more colourful, more designed, more welcoming.

For restaurants or bars, flowers can be a way of enhancing the personality and impact of spaces.

The close relationships we develop with corporate clients over time take us on an interesting journey. Clients may change, trends and seasons come and go and brands will always evolve – so we need to evolve our offering to keep up with all of these changes, however subtle.

Different compositions will work for different requirements and what we love about large scale designs for corporate spaces is that it enables us to experiment within the parameters set.

We can experiment with theme, colour, look and impact. Create strength through repetition, use unexpected materials and create simple beautiful shapes.

In regards for trends for the rest of 2016, we see them going an organic, botanical and natural route – bringing some softness to functional or industrial spaces. How long that will last – who knows? It’s half the fun!

On a weekly basis, we take care of the flowers in the restaurant spaces in Skygarden, London boutique hotels, the Royal Albert Hall, Goodwood racecourses and many banks, offices and corporate spaces around the city – in addition to regular flowers in private homes and embassies.