Old Billingsgate and St Bartholomew wedding 2

Old Billingsgate and St Bartholomew wedding

Lorraine and Jonathan Seaward contacted us for the wedding of Emma and Jack. It was in October 2015 in St Bartholomew the Great and then in Billingsgate, for 400 people.

St Bartholomew the Great

In St Bartholomew the Great we loved the understated long stone passage leading to a wonderful and grand church, so we kept it simple and just dotted down hurricane lamps all along.
Emma chose white flowers for the church, and we filled large urns with delphiniums, hydrangeas and roses, mixed with late summer foliage.

Billingsgate drinks reception

Billingsgate as a wedding reception venue is scary in size, but with the furniture, lighting and curtained divisions that Lorraine and Jonathan put in, with, may I say, the help of flowers, it was transformed completely. Jonathan and Lorraine were as ever, an inspiration to work with.
The drinks reception was crisp, fresh and inviting, so we filled urns with Molucella, and had mirrored cubes with white roses on all the tables.

Billingsgate dining

After drinks, the guest filed into dinner through a passageway lined with candles and crab apples, and came into the dining area and dance floor. Emma and her mother were inspired by an autumn harvest festival look, so we took full advantage of the wonderful rosehips, gourds, crab apples, autumn foliage and berries.  Along 6 long tables were dotted candelabra covered with fresh moss, interspersed with all that the season offers as well as garden roses in weathered pots.

To make it into a cosier space and lower the ceiling (as it were) we had metal chandeliers made that we covered with asparagus fern and other foliage, and they worked wonderfully.

What they said:

‘Huge thanks again. I thought it looked spectacular and the chandeliers were worth all the blood, sweat and tears!’