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A sea of green at the Natural History Museum

This sumptuous event was a charity gala with Rhubarb Food for which we were tasked with creating sustainable decor to celebrate the natural world.
We dressed 43 dining tables in the Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall, Hintze’s sweeping staircase and Fossil Way for a drinks reception, entirely with plant designs. The plants were either hired for the evening, or donated to charity after the event was over. We used our own props including wooden lanterns, candlesticks and handmade terracotta pots to enhance the organic installations.
The bar area was decorated with clusters of trees and smaller plants, trailing plants and mosses on frames. The grand staircase given a botanical makeover with trees, shrubs and smaller flowering plants on every step, giving the event a bower feel and transforming the space.
All of the smaller items were donated after the event to St Mungo’s initiative –  ‘Putting Down Roots’, a horticultural training programme.