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A Feast For The Eyes at Middle Temple

Working with two designers like Jake and Nicholas, made the journey from our first discussion to the day a beautifully, evolving process that held so much enjoyment for all of us.
They articulated their ideas wonderfully, enabling us to match their vision with the seasonal
foliages and produce we would have to choose from. The only floral element incorporated, was wild, tumbling jasmine. The rest of the elements were rough and elemental, or structural, using
interesting organic shapes, such as Romanesco cauliflower.
A very neutral colour palette let the textures speak to create a rich runner along the long tables at Middle Temple and ‘growing’ around candelabra – mosses, bark, branches, foliages, collections of vegetables, loosely arranged.
The chuppah was a simple structure, covered in richly coloured velvet, with beautiful Persian rugs as flooring. Attached to each leg, a knarled and naturally curved tree branch, dressed with foliage to match the tables, creating a natural bower effect.

Venue: Middle Temple

Photographer: Dominika Miechowska